Product Properties


Post harvest

All fruits and vegetables



Ready to use

No registration is required for marketing



• Significant increase in the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

• Relevant reduction of food waste from field to table.

• Increase in food security.

• Preserves quality by maintaining better marketing conditions.


• Reduction of the post-harvest respiration rate, and better management of gases (O2, CO2, Ethylene) by delaying the ripening process.

• Significant decrease in post-harvest perspiration, retaining the weight and firmness of the fruit for a prolonged period.

• Antibacterial and antifungal protection, due to the biomolecules that prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that degrade fruits and vegetables.

• Healing properties that seal mechanical wounds from harvesting, packaging, and transportation, preventing them from being a source of infection that causes decomposition.

• Easy adherence to the skin of fruits and vegetables, forming a biofilm that conducts 100% natural and biodegradable active biomolecules without altering any organoleptic characteristics.